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Regular Investment Fund


Have its headquarters, its main activities and related jobs in the territory of the MRC of Coaticook.


Operational Uses

The SADC provides SMEs which are starting up, expanding or changing, flexible financing of up to $250,000.


The main uses of this fund are:

·         Acquisition of property

·         Improvement, modernization or expansion of facilities

·         Business acquisition

·         Restoring of working capital




Investment priorities of the SADC are focused towards businesses :


  • By demonstrating growth or growth potential and with good prospects for profitability and sustainability
  •  By respecting the guidelines of the SADC
  • By being managed by an efficient and competent team
  • By introducing a financial plan or a financial structure that supports the ability to carry out the project



Other features

  • This financial product may be combined with other SADC products for the business. However, the sum of these loans may not exceed $250,000.
  • The repayment methods are flexible and adapted to the reality of each project.



The interest rate is in function with the financial risk assumed by the SADC in the project.



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