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FormationThe SADC regularly provides training such as specialized programs, seminars and conferences.

With financial support from Industry Canada, the SADC operates public Community Internet Access Centres (Centres d’accès communautaire à internet: CACI) and Technological Literacy Centres (Centres d’alphabétisation technologique: CAT). These centres give users access to high quality computer and electronic equipment and training on information and communications technology.

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Parce que nous les avons lancées la semaine dernière Vidéo 6 : Le centre de contrôle et le capitaine via @YouTube

#SADCCoaticook participe au lancement d?une campagne pancanadienne pour l?embauche de pers. en situation de handica?

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All the SADC's team is proud to present you the 2016-2017 Annual...


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ADDERE Service conseil en développement durable

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