Membership criteria:

Any for-profit enterprise or market-oriented social economy enterprise (whether or not a client of the SADC) that is registered or incorporated and has a place of business on the territory of the Coaticook MRC. Interested enterprises must meet the admission conditions and support the aims of the SADC.

Each business member is required to appoint one or more delegates to the SADC to exercise the member’s rights and privileges; the delegate must be accepted by the SADC Board of Directors. (A letter or resolution appointing your representative(s) is mandatory.)

Member Rights:

Business members are not eligible to sit on the Board of Directors or to vote at meetings of members. However, the SADC does grant them the right to attend and speak at meetings, to participate in activities organized by the SADC, and to receive specific documentation addressed to them.

Membership form

Names of delegates (you must appoint one or more delegates) (Required)
Names of the second delegate ; if applicable
Business address(Required)
Are you a client of the Coaticook region SADC (Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité)?
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Reserved for administration

Board of Directors decision