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Survival rate: 87%

Posted 13 November 2018

Statistics Canada has released its eighth report on the performance of the Community Futures Program (CFP), which is delivered by SADC et CAE in Quebec. It confirms the findings of previous studies that businesses who work with SADC et CAE in Quebec have better survival rates, create over twice as many jobs, and more rapidly increase their payroll and sales. Notably, there was a seven-percentage-point increase this year in the five-year survival rate of businesses. The rate was 87% for our clients, compared to 53% for businesses in the control group.



  • Improved business survival rate: 87% after five years of existence, compared to 53% for those in the control group 
  • Creation of over twice as many jobs: an average increase of 3.3% per year, compared to 1.3% in the control group


Since 2009, Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions has worked with Statistics Canada to conduct the study. A group of SADC et CAE business clients are compared, using various indicators, to a control group of similar businesses that have not used their services. The study surveyed businesses with 100 employees or less. Of special mention is the fact that businesses with fewer than 20 employees supported by the CFP performed even better than average.


About the Community Futures Program (CFP)

The CFP is a federal government program that ensures operations financing for the 269 CFDCs and CBDCs and SADC et CAE in Canada, including 67 in Quebec. The CFP recognizes the expertise of local decision makers and decision-making autonomy, in order to encourage communities to take charge of their futures.


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