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Financial assistance


The SADC provides financial support for home-grown initiatives that come under the development axes it has prioritized.



Robotique First (2013-2014)


Robotique FIRST is a way to spark inspiration, acknowledge science and technology, and promote young people’s learning in Quebec. With financial participation from the SADC de la région de Coaticook, 17 youths from La Frontalière high school demonstrated their excellence in a Montreal competition by impressing judges with their frisbee-throwing robot.


Robotique First



Les Comptonales (2012-2013)


An organization promoting agrifood products from the Coaticook region through “fine food” events




The 2012 and 2013 Médiévalestries


This unique festival allowed participants to experience everyday life as castle dwellers in the 11th century, in addition to introducing them to Lord Castelestrie’s full court.


The Médiévalestries event



Earth Day (Municipality of Waterville) (2012)


On Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, a Grande Corvée cleanup and planting event was held on the shores of the Coaticook River to foster public awareness of the importance of keeping our ecosystems and waterways clean.


Earth Day (Municipality of Waterville)



Harmonie de Coaticook history book (2012)


The SADC de la région de Coaticook is proud to have provided financial support for the production of L'Harmonie de Coaticook : 144 ans d'histoire. Much more than a history book, the document is a historical narrative with over 600 photographs testifying to the rich heritage of Quebec’s oldest active concert band.




Semer le goût event (2012)


The SADC de la région de Coaticook via the Table de concertation agroalimentaire de la MRC de Coaticook is proud to have contributed to the event Semer le gout. This fundraising activity is an initiative of Jeunes pouces, a non-profit organization that works in communities to promote healthy eating among young people.


Semer le goût  event



La Voie des Pionniers (pioneers’ trail) (2012)

Atrail of famous people who had an impact on the history of the Coaticook region, an original and unique tourist attraction.

La Voie des Pionniers



Historic barn at the Centre d’initiatives en agriculture de la région de Coaticook (CIARC)  (2008)

The SADC financially supports the preparation of an architectural plan for the restoration of the historic barn housing the farm school


Mountain biking in the Coaticook Gorge Park  (2008)


The SADC is funding a study for a proposed general redevelopment of the mountain bike trails in the park.

Coaticook Gorge Park


Coaticook MRC Health and Social Services Centre (CSSS) (2008)


The SADC gives the CSSS financial assistance to create promotional tools for its efforts to make sure the Coaticook region has the medical personnel it needs in the future.

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