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RRRF Fund - stage 1


“Regional Relief and Recovery Fund” (RRRF – stage 1)



Applications for financial assistance


The SADC de la région de Coaticook has supported a total of 29 businesses in various fields to the tune of $930,000 ($938,873 granted).


The assistance had to be used as working capital and cover expenses for a six-month period, from March 15 to December 31 inclusive.


The categories of businesses that benefited from the RRRF are:

  • Dairy farms
  • Maple syrup farms
  • Various agricultural farms
  • Retail businesses
  • Accommodation sites
  • Restaurants
  • Transportation businesses
  • Agri-tourism businesses
  • Non-profit organizations


A total of 60 jobs have been maintained thanks to this program.


However, we have 30 businesses that were unable to take advantage of the RRRF owing to a lack of funds.



Regional Assistance and Recovery Fund “Local Economic Development and Technical Assistance for Small Businesses Initiative” (RRRF and LED) applications


The Coaticook SADC also supported 15 businesses and organizations under the technical assistance and local economic development program. The amount of $91,791 provided for this purpose was spent in its entirety.


The assistance was intended to help with creating transactional online stores,
developing marketing strategies, doing online training to help better manage the current situation created by COVID-19, and coaching with professionals (consultants).



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