The SADC puts its professional resources at the disposal of the community to carry out initiatives focused on consultation and collective intelligence.

  • We help devise and implement development strategies in the Coaticook area
  • We finance promising projects and initiatives for the region
  • We help circulate information and work together with community stakeholders to pursue common goals centred on regional issues
  • We create and collaborate on projects that meet the needs of the community
  • We offer training courses to help with skill development
  • We sit on various local and regional committees
  • We assist the region in the areas of governance, sustainable development, digital strategy, human resources management, and more
  • We facilitate access to external professional resources
  • We design tools and conduct studies to meet specific needs
  • We translate documents and tools in order to make information available to the English-speaking community across the MRC

Community assistance process

Information request

Have a project in mind? Fill out the online form to share it with us. We will get in touch with you to discuss it.

Fill out the form

Have questions?

Feel free to contact us at 819-849-3053, ext. 123.

Discussions with the development officer

Our development officer will speak with you to identify your needs and determine how we can assist you.

Signing of a partnership agreement

A partnership agreement will need to be signed to specify the assistance to be provided, along with the terms and conditions.

Payment of the financial contribution

In the case of a financial contribution, the SADC will pay 50% of the amount upon signing of the agreement and 50% after submission of the final report.

Follow-up and evaluation

The development officer will follow up with your project and can offer personalized advisory services as needed.

Supported organizations

La SADC de la région de Coaticook a réalisé une série de vidéos portant sur la Gouvernance Stratégique®.

La SADC de la région de Coaticook a réalisé une série de vidéos portant sur la Gouvernance Stratégique®.