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Salon Industrie de l'Estrie - September 20 - 21, 2017


More than 250 companies specializing in all industrial sectors.

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See products and equipment in action Compare equipment, products and services Ask questions on the spot about points that concern you Update your knowledge Network with other companies in your sector


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2016-2017 SADC Annual Report

All the SADC's team is proud to present you the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

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A tribute to a devoted director

At the SADC’s annual general assembly on June 1st, 2017, Johanne Provencher was acknowledged for her 11 years of devoted work as a member of the SADC Board of Directors.

In paying tribute, Board Chair Serge Gosselin read out loud the words of David Dufour, a.k.a D-Trak, hailing her as “a hero always” and a “stalwart captain bringing her crew to their destination.”

Thank you again, Johanne, for your dedicated work. As a token of appreciation, Johanne was presented with a unique blown-glass piece designed and offered by Pavel Cajthaml, of Baba Jaga.

To watch the video of the tribute to Johanne Provencher, click here.  

Johanne Provencher
SADC Satisfaction Survey

Each year, Quebec’s SADC and CAE network commissions a phone survey of some its members’ clients and partners by an independent firm.

The survey, conducted by SOM Research & Surveys, is aimed at assessing programs, actions and outcomes in the communities served by the SADCs and CAEs. It also sheds light on clients and partners’ satisfaction with the services they received.

This past June, the Coaticook SADC was selected for the yearly assessment.

The results are just in and are we very proud to present them to you. Our team works hard day in, day out to provide quality professional services to meet your needs.

The results

In all, 63 phone interviews were held for the survey (response rate of 82.7%).

Overall satisfaction

A total of 86.7% of the respondents reported being completely satisfied with the programs’ accessibility and 91.7%, completely satisfied with the team’s professionalism. The survey also revealed that 92.9% of respondents felt that the SADC thoroughly understood the needs that were expressed.

Support of the community

According to the same survey, the SADC’s community development programs have had very positive spinoffs in the community; SADC-related projects have fostered community engagement (84.6%), enabled partnerships to be developed between various organizations (88.5%), advanced knowledge development (92.3%), helped secure financing (57.7%), and allowed job maintenance or creation (76.9%).

Business guidance

As for the Stratégie jeunesse programs, the Investment Fund, and the technical assistance provided to businesses, the services received enabled the development of new services to the community (64.5%) or the expansion of existing business activities (100%). It is worth noting that 45.2% of the businesses were in the start-up phase when they received these services.

We would like to sincerely thank our clients and partners for having taken the time to answer the survey. Your feedback helps us make improvements so that we can provide you with even better services in the future. 

Distinguished clients

Microbrasserie de Coaticook

In May earlier this year, the beers Abysse de la gorge and Vache blanche earned the Microbrasserie de Coaticook the Brewer’s Cup in a competition organized by La Grande Table.  The microbrewery has been the proud holder of the cup since July and will continue to hold the cup for another few months.


The OSEntreprendre challenge

On the heels of the 19th edition of the OSEntreprendre challenge, the SADC would like to highlight the performance of the Coopérative de solidarité de Dixville in the Social Economy category and Elevaction in the Services to Individuals category. Each company has been awarded a $1,000 grant. Congratulations to both winners!



ADDERE Service conseil en développement durable

Arboriculture Carrier: Protecting Trees in Your Municipality

  Arboriculture Carrier is a business located in Wotton, in the des Sources MRC, offering services that range from trimming and cutting down...

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