The Coaticook SADC presents its results for the year… to the beat of Gumboots


Coaticook, June 9, 2022 – At its annual general meeting held at the Pavillon des arts et de la culture de Coaticook—its first in-person AGM after two years of pandemic life—the Société d’aide au développement de la collectivité (SADC) de la région de Coaticook presented its achievements from over the past year. The SADC is pleased with its results, in spite of another most unusual year.

The permanent staff proudly presented the highlights of 2021-2022:

  • $393,337 in financing to businesses, in turn creating and maintaining 256 jobs;
  • 2,184 hours of business and community guidance;
  • 4 non-repayable financial assistance programs, including a new program for sustainable development initiatives, which funded 37 projects for a total of $99,787; and
  • 250 hours of volunteer work completed by 9 passionate directors.

SADC president Serge Gosselin highlighted the work of the team of permanent employees, who prioritized guidance to businesses and organizations while taking into account the consequences of the pandemic and the challenges of the labour shortage. He also listed the projects carried out over the past year to enhance communications and better equip the region’s entrepreneurs and organizations: “Despite the fact that we were a small team most of the time, like many of you, we managed to improve our communications—in our case thanks to our website revamp, the new Road to Entrepreneurship platform, and a redesigned, more accessible newsletter.”

Gosselin also introduced the two new members who joined the Board of Directors over the past year—Félix Roy, representing the youth sector, and Judithe Provencher, representing the agri-food sector.

He also took the opportunity to introduce the SADC’s new business advisor, Andréanne Courchesne, who was welcomed aboard on April 4th.

After a two-year hiatus, the SADC holds the sixth edition of its Recognition Awards

At the evening awards ceremony, the SADC sought to honour the drive and courage that entrepreneurs and organizations have shown over the past two years. The winners were named across six categories:

  • Creativity: Geneviève Martin, Rituel G
  • Determination: France Sénécal, Camping du Lac Lyster
  • Dedication: Stéphanie Vachon, L’Éveil, Ressource communautaire en santé mentale Vibrancy: Karine Belhadj, Épicerie des Monts
  • Perseverance: Marilaine Montminy, Yuzu sushi
  • Jury’s Pick, Involvement: Émilie Drouin, Corporation de développement communautaire de la MRC de Coaticook

Jury’s Pick, Involvement
Émilie Drouin, Corporation de développement communautaire de la MRC de Coaticook, accompanied by Claude Paquet, Vice-President of Local Development

Creativity Recognition Award
 Geneviève Martin, Rituel G, accompanied by Raymond Racicot, Vice-President of Investment

Vibrancy Recognition Award
Karine Belhadj, Épicerie des Monts, accompanied by Raymond Racicot, Vice-President of Investment  

Determination Recognition Award
France Sénécal, Camping du Lac Lyster accompanied by Raymond Racicot, Vice-President of Investment and Andréanne Courchesne, Business Advisor and Financial Analyst at the Coaticook SADC

Recognition awards: Perseverance Award granted to Marilaine Montminy, Yuzu sushi; Dedication Award granted to Stéphanie Vachon, l’Éveil, ressource communautaire en santé mentale; the two winners were absent to receive their awards.

Upholding a tradition

In keeping with the tradition of making its annual general meeting a festive occasion, the SADC invited the Sankofa dance company to perform Gumboots to get the staff and directors moving their feet during the presentation of the year’s results.

Légende : Prestation de danse Gumboots des membres du conseil d’administration et de l’équipe des permanents avec la Compagnie Danse Sankofa

Heartfelt thanks

To cap off the evening, the Coaticook SADC wanted to highlight the involvement of a volunteer with 20 years of experience on the Board of Directors, Gaétan Labelle. As the Chair of the Board and the Vice-President of Investment for a number of years, he has been an exceptional advisor and resource person for the organization.

Upcoming initiatives

With the benefit of a complete team, the SADC aims to continue to play a key role in helping local businesses grow in the coming year. The SADC also wishes to continue its program L’essayer, c’est l’adopter, which strives to help along new employees’ integration into businesses. The SADC additionally wishes to pursue its involvement in the housing project, supported by the MRC de Coaticook, to improve access to housing and to assist area businesses in setting up promising sustainable-development initiatives through its new Virage vert program seeking to accelerate sustainable development in Quebec regions.


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Local Development and Communication Officer

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