Board of Directors

Serge Gosselin


Public Sector

Raymond Racicot

Vice-president Investment

Food industry Sector

Claude Paquet

Vice-president local economic development

Public Sector

Judith Bolduc


Trade & Services Sector

Sylvie Giguère


Legal & Finance sector

Sylvie Fauteux


General Sector

Johanne Provencher


Industrial Sector

Judithe Provencher


Food industry Sector

Catherine Quirion



Permanent team

Joanne Beaudin

General Manager

Boasting an MBA and some 30 years of experience as a business and project manager, Joanne Beaudin is known as a developer and visionary. She invested her energy and passion in promoting innovative initiatives in the sectors of agrifood, tourism and social-economy development long before these sectors were fully recognized as future economic drivers for the region.

Her years of experience as the owner of a small agrifood processing business gave Joanne first-hand knowledge of business development tools and how to manage financial and human resources.

Privacy Officer in compliance with Bill 25.
819 849-3053, ext. 127#

Manon Bergeron

Administrative Assistant

Having grown up in a local entrepreneurial family, Manon Bergeron was already working with numbers at the age of 15, after the family business’s accountant taught her bookkeeping. Ms. Bergeron holds a college diploma in computing and has built up her professional skills through a diversity of work experiences.

In 1992, she was hired by the Municipality of Compton, where she worked for 10 years, first as Assistant Secretary and then as Executive Assistant. In 2002, she became General Manager of the Municipality of Barnston West, a position she held until she joined the SADC in 2012. Her contagious smile, energy and professionalism are valuable assets for both our organization’s work team and our clients.
819 849-3053, ext. 0

andréanne courchesne

Business Advisor and Financial Analyst

Andréanne Courchesne holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (international profile) and has worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years. She specializes in commercial development, retail sales, online marketing, and market and business development for small- and medium- sized local businesses.

In the course of her career, she has had the opportunity to launch two business projects that confirmed her strengths as a coordinator and her ability to manage muliple aspects of a business. In turn, this background has given her a keen understanding of the realities facing entrepreneurs. She has always felt a strong attraction to business strategy, planning and analysis, which is why she completed a microprogram in business finance at HEC Montréal to further develop her expertise in financial analysis. This puts her in a perfect position to provide entrepreneurs with advice and support so that they can soundly develop within both local dans international markets.
819 849-3053, ext. 126#

Marie-Hélène Théberge

Local Development and Communications Officer

In addition to a master’s in community and cooperative development management from Université de Sherbrooke and a diploma in public management from École nationale d’administration publique, Marie-Hélène Théberge has gained a wide range of experience and skills over the years.

Her background includes acting as a guide for social economy enterprises in West Africa and as a coordinator for a non-profit organization, where she helped to provide local services over a number of years. With her characteristic positive energy, professionalism and attentive ear, Marie-Hélène furthers local development projects in the Coaticook region, in addition to handling communications for our SADC.
819 849-3053, ext. 123#